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FSO Musician Spotlight: Matthew Stegle

Posted by Illumine8 on Jan 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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A native of Baldwin, New York, Matthew Stegle attended the New York Institute of Technology and earned a bachelor's in communication arts. He and his wife moved to Montgomery County in 1985 to be closer to work, and a few years later, they moved to Frederick. 

He's a veteran of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, a, recent retiree of the insurance industry, and former Frederick Symphony Orchestra president. 

He spends his time as an employee of Frederick County Public Schools transportation department and the director in Trinity United Methodist Church's brass quintet, The Trinity Brass. He's also a member of the Frederick County Government Insurance Committee and formerly on the FSO Board of Directors. 

We interviewed the trombone player, and here's what he had to say about his inspiration and love of classical music:

Who's your favorite classical music composer?

"[Russian composer] Rimsky Korsakov."

Who or what inspires you the most?

"My inspiration always seems to be renewed each year when the orchestra holds its annual Young Artist Showcase competition. It always amazes me how talented middle and high school aged young musicians can be.

I wonder if any of them will go on to become professional musicians, and whether or not, in some small way, the Frederick Symphony Orchestra helped them realize their dreams."

What was your first musical instrument?

"Euphonium. While in elementary school, I knew I wanted to play 'an instrument,' but wasn't sure what. The school music teacher suggested the euphonium, so that is what I did.

The trombone is similar to a euphonium, in that it has the same musical range. A euphonium isn't ordinarily played in an orchestra, so I purchased a trombone to play."

When and where was your first concert?

"In elementary school in Baldwin. I remember becoming good friends with several other elementary school classmates who all played different [musical] instruments in the school orchestra. We stayed friends throughout our school years, due to our continued interest in playing in school orchestras and bands throughout middle and high school."

Why do you love music?

"I have always enjoyed listening to music. I have no idea why."

How has music changed your life?

"Music has not changed my life. It is just a part of my life."

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